Target date

Bronze, silver: 12-24 hours for the division. Gold, platinum: 24 hours for division. Diamond: 24-36 hours for division. When the mmr is low, the target date increases by 30-50%, depending on the mmr level.

Solo Boosting

After the order is paid, the booster shortly starts to execute your order (no later than 12 hours).

Your account must have at least 20 champions to play.

It is forbidden to play ranked solo while the booster fulfills your order!

Duo Boosting

Note: duo boosting costs 30-50% more than solo boosting, but it is also the safest and most proven way for rank boosting.

After the order is paid, the booster contact you shortly (no later than 12 hours). After the suitable time is chosen, the booster will play with you in the shortest possible time.

We will also take an account similar to your rank.

Solo 10 qualifying matches

Mmrboost team guarantees 70% of victories in qualifying matches. The deadline is 24 hours.

Duo 10 qualifying matches

Mmrboost team guarantees 70% of victories in qualifying matches. Note that duo boosting costs 30% more than solo. The deadline is 24 hours.

Solo MMR boost

You can also make an order for the victories from 1 to 10 to boost your mmr. Mmr boosting is not to be confused with rank boosting. If you want to rank up, you should use the «solo/duo boosting» service.

Solo Normal

This service is for levelling, or just to play games with «restrictions». If you got a chat restriction, our team will play these games as soon as possible. To order this service, contact technical Support.


Hourly rate

For ordering more than 10-15 hours of training, you get a 20% discount.

The most complete course is 10-15 hours; it allows you to get more detailed knowledge and skills that will help you to achieve the desired rank. Moreover, your strengths and weaknesses will be carefully considered during the training process. We take care of our proteges and try to create the most comfortable environment for everyone, we will select the most convenient schedule and type of communication for you.

After making the order for this training, we guarantee that you will improve your performance as a player. A personal approach for each player, depending on your rank, level and personal wishes.

Items of studying:

  • Training with a specific champion.
  • Learning a specific role. (top/jungl/mid/adc/sup).
  • Training for beginners from scratch.
  • Character selection (counterpicks).
  • Runes selection.
  • Loot of items, what and how to loot and when to make purchases.
  • Lane farming, mid and late game.
  • Wards location.
  • How to freeze, push the lane.
  • Objects control.
  • How to lead the team to victory.
  • How to communicate with the team.
  • Positioning during the combat, what to do in a team fighting.
  • Full analysis of the team fights by a coach, error summary and a detailed report.

An ideal option for players who want to achieve their goals and master their game skills. Mmrboost team provides you with a coach for personal and team training.

Our coaches are true professionals of their craft, with a long record of service and game experience.

To make the order, contact the round-the-clock online consultant for the choice of a coach.

Please note that the team coach is booked in advance (a few days before the start of training).

If you follow the advice and instructions of our coaches, your level of play will increase significantly!

Violations of the terms:

When the booster is fulfilling your order, you are not allowed to: play ranked games of the mode you paid for (soloq/flex) until the booster completes the order. In case of violation of this term, we play for an amount less than the equivalent of lost games, as well as in case of the order cancellation at any stage of the game. You will be charged an amount of 20% of the order and deducted each victory.

Important aspect:

We do not recommend you to play using your account until the booster completes your order. If you want to play using your account, you need to tell the online consultant before at the website for 30 minutes before entering.

If you have merged your Mmr, less than 17 for a victory - the order value increases by 30%, less than 14 for a victory - the order value increases by 50%. The price increase for the «merged Mmr» is justified by the fact that we spend additional time to boost your account.

If you do not mentioned about this when ordering, we have the right to demand an additional fee for the additional time that will be spent on boosting by division (only for solo/duo boosting ranks) or we will boost for an amount equal to the reduced Mmr.

We commit to start the order within 12 hours the order was paid (we usually start to fulfill the order within an hour).

We are not responsible for your account after Elo boost; however, we guarantee the safety and confidentiality of your data at the time of boosting and after.