Frequency asked questions

how long will it take you to make my order ?
Bronze, silver: 12-24 hours for the division. Gold, platinum: 24 hours for division. Diamond: 24-36 hours for division. When the mmr is low, the target date increases by 30-50%, depending on the mmr level.
What’s the work principle of your service and what should I expect from it?
You can choose any of the variants that our team offers. After you have paid for the chosen option, our booster would start your order processing as soon as possible.
How can I be sure that the account won’t be stolen?
Your account is bound to the e-mail address and only the owner can change the data. We’re also care with a great respect to the information that you provide to us. Only the booster who is processing your order has access to it.
Does the booster have access to my BE/RP?
The booster is not allowed to spend your accumulated essences (BE) and (RP). In addition, if there are not enough characters on the account, you may be offered to buy one more character for faster upgrade.
How can I keep watch over the booster?
You can create a new account and keep watch over the booster through
Will the booster chat or answer my messages?
Booster doesn’t use your chat, he also doesn’t respond to any in-game messages from your friends and acquaintances.
How much time does booster require to complete the order?
All these things depend on the volume of your order, but there are times when the server is turned off or access to this region is closed. In these cases, required time can increase.
Can I play on my account when the booster is off-line?
Yes. You can play on your account only in normal mode, without using the ranked one.
Can I play along with the booster?
Yes. Select the duoboost option and play along with our booster.
In which regions do you work?
EUW/EU Nordic and East/RUS. The prices are different in different regions.
If I'm not satisfied with the booster who fulfills the order, can I cancel it and get the money back?
If the order is executed in time, then no refund can be made. For more detailed information, please contact our consultant or read the Conditions page.
What if my mmr is less than 17 points per game?
If you get less than 17 points, it means that your mmp is reduced, and we’ll have to spend extra time to fulfill the order. The order cost increases. For more detailed information, please contact our online consultant or read the Conditions page.
Will boosters change my pages of runes?
Booster will only use one page of runes, changing it depending on the game.
I have some wishes with my personal proclivities for a booster, can the booster fulfill them?
Of course. When making an order, please specify your wishes and we’ll certainly take them into account.
There are no answers to the question that I’m interested in, what should I do?
Contact our online consultant and he’ll respond to you and provide all the information that you’re interested in as soon as possible.